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Bamboo Nursery & Supplier
Great for Shade & Noise Reduction | Environmentally Friendly

As Arizona’s premiere bamboo supplier, we have known about the benefits of this alternative plant for years. We use a specific kind, Arizona Timber Bamboo, which is noninvasive clumping bamboo, grown in our bamboo nursery locally in Chandler. Our bamboo is acclimatized to our Arizona climate and provides a lush, evergreen environment. Bamboo is extremely light, strong and environmentally friendly. From fence to shade to blocking street noise, its uses are practically unlimited. Let us incorporate it into your lawn and garden design.

Why bamboo is a great option:

  1. Our bamboo is Arizona grown to survive the Arizona heat
  2. Great for shade or privacy
  3. Non-running, noninvasive
  4. Grows fast
  5. Environmentally friendly

Privacy and Noise Reduction
There are so many different ways to use Arizona Timber Bamboo in your landscape design. One of the most popular uses is for shade. It grows thick and tall. Average height is 12 feet to 16 feet tall which makes it perfect for us to create a shady spot for your garden or to hide unwanted views of the street. Bamboo is fast growing and evergreen. Along with privacy, another benefit is noise reduction. It can grow so thick that it is even difficult for sound to pierce through the brush. So when we are building that luscious, tropical paradise you can hear more of the tranquil sounds of nature and less of the nearby busy road.

Environmentally Friendly
As bamboo suppliers, being environmentally friendly is something we take pride in. Our species requires only regular watering and needs no pesticides or sprays to maintain. With the recent interest in construction As landscape designers, using the plant in a creative way is just as important as supplying you with a quality plant. We can help you design a tropical paradise that incorporates exotic plants and materials in a way you may not thought possible. We can start your project from scratch or work with you in renovating an existing garden. Many of our clients are surprised to see how well we can transform a traditional garden into a gorgeous Japanese garden using flowers, stone and bamboo accents.

Let us show you how to enhance your landscape with bamboo.
With so many options, your imagination is the limit. For over 40 years we have specialized in designing tropical landscapes that fit your backyard and your budget.

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