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Irrigation Systems
Sprinkler Systems | Drip Systems | Watering Systems | Rotary Systems

For residents of Arizona, landscape irrigation is a "must have". Watering by hand simply isn't an option, especially during the blistering heat of summer. Installing a watering system is not only a smart decision, but also a safe one. We have systems that are called Smart Irrigation. The controller senses how much water is needed and adjusts water accordingly. If you have just moved into a newly-constructed home or need to update an older system, we can help. Sprinkler technology has changed throughout the years. It is no longer a "one-system-fits-all" approach. We can help you decide which one is right for you and your lawn.

Sprinkler Pop-Up Systems

When most people think about landscape irrigation, they think sprinkler system. It is based on a grid where sprinklers are strategically placed in designated zones that cover your entire yard. The valves control the flow of water and, because our pop-ups or rotors are properly installed, all sections of your lawn will be receive just the correct amount of water. A timer automatically controls the system. The heads pop up from underground and automatically water the yard. If you have a large yard, don't worry, we have you covered…literally!

Rotary Systems

Rotary systems are a type of landscape irrigation that works best on a larger yard. It is similar to a standard sprinkler system except that the heads rotate. They are typically spaced further apart, since they create a fan-like spray. If you have higher water bills and you are interested in water conservation, keep reading. There is yet another system that you can select.

Drip Systems

A drip system focuses on the root of the plant rather than the whole plant itself. They also reduce the evaporation and deep drainage. Regular sprinklers blast a wide spray of water onto your plants, while a drip system is more strategic, sending slow-moving ‘drips’ of water directly to where it is needed most. Often liquid fertilizer is added to the water to give your garden that extra boost it might need. When drip systems are installed by our professionals, they require very little maintenance. Plus, you will likely see significant savings in your water bills, so over time the system pays for itself!

If you are interested in installing a drip system in your home, but already have a sprinkler system, that’s ok too. We can convert your sprinkler system to a drip system very easily. Just give us a call to find out how.

Improve your home with professionally-installed irrigation.
Irrigation keeps grass and plants healthy all year round. We design a plan that is customized for your environment. Our team of experienced professionals will install water-conserving systems that can save you time and money every month. You will always receive a high quality guarantee. We have been in business over forty years and take pride in having award winning designs and customer service. No job is finished until you are completely satisfied.

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