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Landscape Maintenance
Lawn Care | Sprinkler Service | Drip Systems | Tree Trimming Service
Lights and Timers

Let us handle your landscape maintenance - and give yourself 'you' time. With our help you can spend more time enjoying your lawn or garden and less time working on it. For more than forty years we have been creating customized plans for our clients. We can create a package designed to fit your needs and budget. Start taking full advantage of your backyard paradise today. Here are some of the many landscape maintenance services that are designed to make your life easier:

Landscape Maintenance Services

  1. Weekly lawn care and regular fertilization. To keep your lawn looking lush and green all-year-round this is a must-have for lawn maintenance.
  2. Sprinkler service. We not only install sprinklers as part of landscape maintenance, and we also check and repair them regularly as well. Routine inspections are very important, especially if you have an older sprinkler system. Even a tiny crack or leak can lead to water lose and dead plants.
  3. Drip systems. It is also known as "trickle irrigation". By applying water slowly and directly to the soil, a drip system is a more efficient way to water when only the areas in need of hydration are targeted. You begin to see the benefits of a drip system right away. A greener lawn and a lower water bill are just some of the perks.
  1. Tree trimming service. Our landscape maintenance motto is simple: if it turns green we can cut it. Large trees are no match for our lawn care professionals. If branches happen to be blocking important scenic views or creating blind spots in areas like driveways, we will take care of it for you.
  2. Lights and timers. Lighting concepts can give your plants that "wow factor" in the evening hours. So we make sure it stays that way at all times. From short circuits to burned-out light bulbs, we have it all covered. We will also double check your light and water timers, especially after power-outages, to make sure everything is tip-top. If not, we can repair those too.

Landscape maintenance is not a luxury service and when you consider the benefits, it can actually pay for itself. It can:

  1. Add to your property value
  2. Use water more efficiently
  3. Be a safer option, especially for the elderly

Also, with our drip and irrigation systems and timers regulating water usage, landscape maintenance clients will never have to worry about overwatering. In fact, your water bill may go down quite a bit. You could use the extra money to install a waterfall or fountain feature. Yep, we do those too!

Our senior clients find our landscape maintenance to be a life-saver and they mean that literally. The Arizona heat can be deadly for people with health conditions. It’s best to let us take care of the yard work for you.

Stress-free service is just a phone call away!
Your home is probably the most valuable asset you own. Let us help you take care of it. Keeping a tidy exterior has been proven to add to the property value. An amenity like a beautiful environment or garden can be the deciding factor for a potential buyer. Many of our clients see our service as a necessity for protecting their investment. Schedule a full maintenance contract for regular service and get a FREE watering system audit with recommended repairs.

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