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Landscape Lighting
Add Drama & Curb Appeal | Deter Break-Ins | Low Voltage Lighting

Our landscape lighting plans are designed to give you the most creative, affordable and stunning night views of your lawn or garden. A beautifully landscaped yard may catch your eye, but an illuminated landscape at night makes a visual impact. Landscape lighting extends the hours of outdoor enjoyment and viewing, providing safe passage and transition into and out of any area. Proper lighting will enhance the natural or man-made features in your environment. Our fixtures blend unobtrusively into any surrounding, harmonizing nature and architecture.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

We use low voltage technology for lighting up our outside landscapes. Low voltage conserves more energy and lasts longer than standard bulbs. Also, it is a whole lot easier to change colors. We like to use a low-voltage light, which is both beautiful and is guaranteed to make you smile at the end of the month when you receive your electric bill.

We are a full service lighting company and we do everything to make sure your landscape lighting always looks great. We use a large cable to prevent voltage drop and water tight silicone connectors. While other companies use the connectors that meet code, we exclusively use 12/2 and 10/2 buried cable and silicone watertight connectors that exceed code.

Extend Your Living Space & Add Night Time Enjoyment
Pools, patios and gazebos can all be lit for nighttime use. With Arizona's blazing summertime temperatures, residents feel most comfortable going outside at night. Imagine how much better entertaining in the evenings can be with the right lighting concepts. It is an instant way to add more usable square footage to your home.

Deter Break-Ins
Adding more lights will brighten up the place, and we mean that literally. Strategically placed lights can illuminate dark spots near doorways or windows that thieves may see as a potential entry point to your home.

Add Curb Appeal
When you are ready to sell your home, landscape lighting adds value and 'curb appeal' for potential buyers. Much like adding a swimming pool, outdoor lights are something that everybody loves. Considering the current housing market, having an amenity that differentiates you from the competition is becoming more and more important.

We Guarantee All Of Our Work
If your new lights aren't everything you dreamed they would be, then our work is not finished. We treat our customers with respect, hold ourselves to high quality standards, and always offer competitive prices. We have been in business for over forty years and have hundreds of satisfied customers that you are welcome to contact who can confirm this.

Add drama to your landscape.
With so many ways to improve your home, adding landscape lighting can be done quickly and for much less than something like adding a swimming pool. You can use the lights to focus on other improvements, such as koi ponds and fountains or to shadow blemishes or sections yet to be renovated. The important thing to remember is that our concepts are designed to improve your life. We believe that home design is an art form and we would love to help you create your masterpiece.

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