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Patio Pavers
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You will love our patio pavers because they require virtually no maintenance and come in a wonderful variety of colors and options. It is perfect for adding a layer of elegance to your home or business and can be very affordable.

In some ways, patio pavers are superior to concrete in the sense that they can be easily removed or replaced. With concrete, this is not an option. Other companies also offer pavers, but we differ in that we take the time to work with you and develop a personalized plan for your patio, pool or walkway.

Our custom designs for patio pavers can be created in any pattern you choose. For example, consider a circular design around a fountain to draw attention. Pavers do not have to be all one color. You can mix and match to invent a design that really showcases your creative side. Not sure what to do? Not to worry. We can help you develop a design that reflects your personality. Your guests, children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy them for years to come. Rain seeps into the spaces between the pavers and disappears into the sand beneath. Rest assured, you will never have a puddle filled surface.

Benefits of Patio Pavers

  1. They are easy to replace when necessary.
  2. A walkway or patio made of interlocking concrete pavers or segmental concrete is four times stronger than a stretch of regular concrete.
  3. Water, roots or any unforeseen underground damages are not a problem. The stones can be taken apart then repaired or replaced. Pavers also provide travertine pavers in assorted colors.
  4. Pavers last more than 30 years under normal, residential use. They are so durable that they work well even with heavily trafficked areas such as drive ways. Pavers wear better and longer than poured concrete.
  5. The surface temperature is much, much cooler than concrete.
  6. The surface is skid and slip resistant, making your pool or walkway safer than before.
  7. A slightly graded walkway can be covered by pavers.

What if you already have a concrete patio or walkway? What if it isn't finished and is just sand? No problem! We can still install pavers in your space and they are ready for use immediately, unlike other home improvement projects.

Use a professional artisan for installation.
Many people try to do it alone and end up with additional, unnecessary expense, especially if their end product doesn't meet code. We have been in business for over forty years and have a reputation for high quality, award-winning construction and design throughout the Arizona area and beyond. We would love the opportunity to take your home to the next level.

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