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Xeriscape & Desert Landscaping
Ideal for Arizona | Reduces Watering | Less Upkeep | Eco Friendly

Xeriscaping, also known as Desert Landscaping, refers to the art and design of arid landscaping, which reduces or eliminates the heavy watering needed to support other types of landscaping. There are wonderful low-water-consuming plants and trees that can thrive in the dry Arizona climate, with water-sipping irrigation systems. The end result is that you get the conservation you need with the beauty you desire.

In the past few years a Xeriscaping trend has been developing. Landscape designers have been constantly searching for ways to maximize rainfall to keep plants healthy and reduce the amount of irrigated water. We take extra care during the installation process to prevent evaporation and run-off. We also have techniques we use to grade the soil, utilize mulch, and aerate the dirt to hold the most amount of rainfall. Water is conserved because you don’t have to use as much of it. The plants are accustomed to holding onto the little water needed for them to thrive.

  1. You can save big on your water bill. Over half of all home water use goes into landscapes and lawns, and some customers have seen up to a 75% reduction by adding water conserving landscaping and a smart irrigation system.
  2. Less upkeep. When properly designed and maintained, Xeriscapes save water, time and money through water conservation. All landscapes need some care and most plants need supplemental water in our desert environment. Proper pruning techniques will retain the natural, healthy and professional look to your plants. While you will still prune a little, regular maintenance becomes a whole lot easier. With watering being handled by smart irrigation systems, it doesn't take much to keep your landscaping looking great.
  3. Potential buyers will love it. Selling your home soon? Xeriscaping can raise your property values usually enough to offset installation costs. The simple maintenance is also an attractive feature to buyers and might give you the edge over some of the other houses on the block.
  4. We provide a soil evaluation. We will tell you what the PH of your soil is and which soil amendments you need for your plants to thrive.
  5. It is Eco-Friendly.

Debunking some common myths about Xeriscaping:

It is dry only. False. Although "Xeros" is the Greek word for "dry", plants aren't actually dry. In fact, you might find them to be quite lush. Watering is definitely required, but it is used in a smarter way or just limited to specific plants. Xeriscape very often includes grass as part of the design. Consider the plants that match your design intentions. Cactus and other desert perennials are NOT the only plants allowed in Xeriscape. The success to water wise gardening is to put the right plants in the right locations and group similar plants with water and sunshine needs together. Every yard contains several different microclimates. For example, plants that do well in full sun and dry conditions would do best in a southern or western exposure.

It is just rocks and gravel. Not true. You can commit to only rocks, but that is considered something totally different. Water is applied, but in well-controlled amounts.

Xeriscaping is NOT native plants only. Many people are surprised that there are vast arrays of plants that are well-adapted to the Arizona weather. It's not just cactus and yucca plants. There are many colorful options to liven up your yard or garden. You may even have a sub-tropical look with a Xeriscape landscape. Other considerations for plant selections are climate appropriate plants based on color, texture or fragrance. Some plants have blossoms that attract butterflies or hummingbirds. Other plants may attract a variety of wildlife such as quail or desert tortoises.

It is NOT just boring, spiny plants. Actually, you can have a lawn and a diverse range of plants and flowers. We can help you design something that's not only gorgeous but will make your neighbors jealous.

Turn your backyard into a water conservative paradise.
Call us and we can begin developing your eco friendly oasis today.

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